Fashion E-commerce Website


Founded in 2016, Arkell & Wills sells contemporary, indulgent cashmere clothing that can be worn all year round.

They had several website issues that needed to be addressed.

They have an e-commerce website built in Magento but it needed to be easier for the team to maintain and more user-friendly for visitors.

They launch a new season collection twice a year and needed a product photographer who could take studio shots of the products to update the website each time.

Finally, they needed to work on increasing traffic to the site.

They turned to Transition for the help they needed.


  1. Web Development
  2. E-commerce
  3. Photography
  4. SEO
Fashion E-commerce Website
Fashion E-commerce Website


We overhauled the Magento website to make it easier for the Arkell & Wills team to maintain.

We also made it more appealing and intuitive for visitors to use – in particular the sections of the site where people can customise their purchases with glass crystals or metal studs.

We took studio photographs of the latest season’s products so we could add these to the website.

We advised on the implementation of a PPC campaign to drive traffic to the site and recommended a consultant to provide the expertise required.

Fashion E-commerce Website


Our work has delivered excellent results and the Arkell & Wills team are excited by the difference it has made. Visitor numbers have increased and sales have gone up dramatically.

The site is also much easier for the Arkell & Wills team to manage so they can make better use of their time.

Since working with Transition we have been able to understand how our website works and what it can do for us, enabling us to move our business forward and this has been purely through Transition's guidance.

Debz Critchley
Debz Critchley

Owner – Arkell & Wills

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